Oilfield Valve Manufacturer

Petroleum is consideredone of the most valuable commodities traded on the world market today. Our gate valve, casing head, and other petroleummachinery are utilized extensively by major companies from around theglobe ...
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    1. Gate Valve
    2. Gate Valve

      With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing the petroleum machinery equipment, we boast the independent research and development capability and provide the superior gate valve in various types, such as the FC manual type, FCY hydraulic type, FC hydraulic safety type, FC manual safety type, PFK manual type, PFK hydraulic type, etc.

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    1. H2 Adjustable Choke Valve
    2. H2 Adjustable Choke Valve

      The H2 adjustable choke valve is commonly used by petroleum equipment for flow control. The flow is adjustable via the needle and the seat, and it will be locked once the required flow rate is reached.

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    1. MS Check Valve
    2. MS Check Valve

      Metal-to-metal sealing is superior to rubber material sealing. It has stronger capability in resisting ageing, high temperature and well fluid corrosion.
      Thanks to the streamline seat, the fluid impact towards this product is reduced and thus the product life is extended.
      Lubrication or routine maintenance is not required.

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    1. Wellhead
    2. Wellhead

      The widely used wellhead comes with admirable flexibility, compatibility and interchangeability. Both S and SY shaft mouths consist of the lower casing head assembly, hanger as well as the subsequent casing head spool and the hanger.

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    1. Manifold
    2. Manifold

      When the blowout preventer is shut down, the choke valve is utilized for controlling the casing pressure to maintain that the pressure of well bottom is always higher than that of the ground, and thereby to prevent the formation fluid from flowing into the well.
      During the well is shut in, the choke manifold decompression can be adopted for soft shut in well. When the pressure inside the well reaches certain limit, the wellhead can be protected through the blowout via it.

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    1. Christmas Tree
    2. Christmas Tree

      It connects all layers of subsurface casing pipes, seals the annular spaces between casing pipes and supports the partial weights of casing pipes.
      It is used for oil tube and tool hanging, tubing string supporting and annular space sealing between oil tubes and casing pipes.
      It controls and regulates the production of well.

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  • Company Tour
  • Founded in Oct., 2009, Wellhead is located at Baihe Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai, covering an area of nearly 32,000 square meters. Specifically, the plant area is 17,000 square meters and the office area is 3,800 square meters. Our registered capital is 20 million CNY and the fixed assets reach up to 12 million CNY. Wellhead has over 140 sets of processing and inspection equipment ...

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  • Wellhead USA
  • Pangtong Wellhead USA Inc. (PTWUSA) established in 2005 is a subsidiary of Shanghai Pangtong Business Enterprise Dev. Co., Ltd. located at Houston of America, it has developed into a leading enterprise in the global petroleum wellhead equipment and service industry, which is dedicated to providing the design, manufacture, maintenance, storage and the other specialized ...

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  • Certificates
    1. API 6A-1439
    2. GOST for Christmas Tree
    3. API 16A-0344
    4. GOST for BOP
    5. API 16C-0237
    6. GOST for Valve Spare Parts
  • Service
    1. Customers can come to our factory for investigation or study so that they can obtain sufficient information about our scale, strength, management level, culture, product variety, specification, advantage, technical characteristic, price, warranty, after-sales service, etc. If Wellhead and our products are accepted, customers can purchase our products based on actual needs.

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