1. FC Manual Gate Valve The FC manual gate valve is manually operated and comes with no ball screw. If it has a large diameter as 5" or 7" , the torque needed for valve opening under pressure can be greatly reduced by adopting the ball screw, thus facilitating the site operation.
    1. FC Hydraulic Gate ValveThe FC hydraulic gate valve adopts the hydraulic pressure as the power source to operate the switch. If the field condition is permissible, the switch is also available for remote control, which is safer and more efficient. Besides, when the hydraulic pressure source is out of work, the FC hydraulic gate valve can also be manually operated.
    1. FC Hydraulic Safety ValveThe FC hydraulic safety valve is hydraulically operated.
      It comes with automatic emergency shutdown or opening system in case that the hydraulic pressure source is cut off. The time for shutdown or opening is within 10 to 20 seconds.
      Thanks to the hydraulic operation, remote control is achievable with high safety and convenience.

FC Gate Valve

Overall Descriptions
The FC gate valve is a universal product in our daily lives. It is widely applied to wellheads, manifold production, kill manifolds, well tests and other operations. Under the working pressure of 3000, 5000, 1 0000 and 15000PSI, it can meet the working requirements of geological examination and oil exploration with a nominal diameter of 1 13/16" , 2 1/16" , 2 9/16" , 3 1/8" , 4 1/16" , 5 1/8" or 7 1/16" . As for the fabrication materials, physical, chemical and pressure tests are strictly performed according to API 6A (20th edition) specifications as required by customers.

Ready-Made Configurations
The FC gate valve is provided with three kinds of ready-made configurations.
1. It optionally comes with or without ball screw, and the switch is manually operated.
2. The switch is hydraulically operated. Remote manipulation is available when the working condition is permissible, which is safer and more efficient.
3. It comes with emergency shutdown system and the switch is hydraulically powered. After the pressure source is cut off, it will automatically close within 10 to 20 seconds. It also enables remote control and has the same safety effect as the hydraulic relief valve.

Outstanding Features
1. The vent hole of our FC gate valve is designed with seal. The entered fluid pushes the seat to the plate and thereby a totally sealed state is achieved.
2. Any of both ends can be used as exit and entrance.
3. With rational design, it enables field operation and the maintenance is convenient.
4. Major parts are interchangeable.
5. This product is designed and manufactured according to API 6A specifications, and has passed the PR2 valve approval test. (This test is applicable for FCS plate valve.)
6. Both the forging part and the materials are changeable upon the requirements of customers.

Remarkable Strengths
1. This FC gate valve with both-way design improves the versatility of fluid direction and also extends the service life.
2. Metal-to-metal sealing is fixed (plate to seat, seat to body).
3. The simple and reliable design of plate and seat simplifies the field service and minimizes the inventory of spare parts.
4. It features spring load and pressure filling. The inelastic seal between the seat and the main body is conductive to low-pressure sealing, and also protects the cavity and the sealing area from pollutant invasion.
5. The stem is also designed with seal covering the whole scope of pressure, temperature and fluid in wellhead and manifold in service.
6. The stem enables blowback to allow seal replacement when the FC gate valve is under pressure.
7. The grease hole is located at the backward position of stem blowback to ensure high safety. The oil nipple on the cover eliminates body penetration.
8. The working pressure of hydraulic drive device cannot exceed 2000PSI and the work strength is 3000PSI.
9. Once the hydraulic driving source fails during operation, manual shutoff is practicable.

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