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PFK Manual Gate Valve (Expanding Gate Valve)

Overall Descriptions
The PFK manual gate valve designed in expanding and wedge style is widely applied in various kinds of working environments. It is devised strictly according to API 6A and ISO10423 standards. The flange coupling comes in K shape and the nominal diameter ranges from 2 1/1 6″ to 4 1/1 6″. The treaded connection is also adoptable, whose nominal diameter range is same as that of the flange coupling. Besides, the pressure rating is from 3000PSI to 5000PSI.

Splendid Features
1. This product realizes both-way sealing via the seat instead of the upstream or downstream pipeline pressure. When it is shut down, the plate contacts the body bottom and the stem is still rotated by fastening the handle. Thereby the tightly pressed plate will press the seat and reliable both-way sealing is achieved.
2. The seat inside the PFK manual gate valve adopts the plug-in installation to prevent seat floating and guarantee safe sealing. Metal-to-metal sealing is optionally selectable.
3. The body-to-cover and seat-to-body metal-to-metal sealing is extremely stable and insusceptible to environmental impact.
4. The stem packing is a kind of additive for this product, which can enter the product via the injection gun. There are two oil or grease holes respectively on the top and lower parts of the main body for sealing and lubrication.
5. Generally, the expanding gate valve is fabricated by casting, and it can largely lower the cost when the working pressure is below 5000PSI.
6. It features excellent fluid directionality to ensure lower operation torque. Besides, it is still applicable when the temperature is 650°F.

Size/P (MPa) 35 105
d 52 65 80 103 52 65
A 371 422 435 511 371 422
B 557 575 613 781 557 575
C 320 320 320 420 320 320
D 215 245 240 295 215 245
F 145 178 190 244 145 178
R/BX 24 27 31 37 24 27

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