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Tubing Hanger

Tubing Hanger

Type DP Tubing Hanger

Type DP-BIW Tubing Hanger Type DP-L Tubing Hanger

The tubing hanger, also known as mandrel hanger, is used for hanging oil tubes. Usually, it can be divided into three types, i.e. the DP type, DP-BIW type and the DP-L type. It is also customizable based on actual working conditions and the requirements of customers. The tubing hanger is available in both single-tube and dual-tube forms. Or it can be attached with a device for cable traversing and thereby for controlling the subsurface safety valve and the operation of other downhole tools.

Size Tbg. (inch) Size Nom. (EP, DP types) (inch) Size Nom. (DP-L, DP-BIW types) (inch)
7 1/16 9 11 11
2 3/8    
2 7/8    
3 1/2    
4 1/2    

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