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Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is a device used for oil or gas testing after the well completion, or for wellhead control when the flowing well or the pump recovery well performs oil production. It is comprised of tubing hanger, multiple gates and the three-way or four-way workpiece, and directly mounted to the casing head.

It is called as single-wing production tree if only one side comes with oil outlet pipes. If both sides are designed with oil outlet pipes, it is named as two-wing production tree. In addition to the two types, it also includes the integral type and the split type. Besides, Christmas tree is installed with an oil nipple (choke mouth), and the oil gas output can be controlled through utilizing the oil nipples of different inner diameters.

Main Functions
1. It connects all layers of subsurface casing pipes, seals the annular spaces between casing pipes and supports the partial weights of casing pipes.
2. It is used for oil tube and tool hanging, tubing string supporting and annular space sealing between oil tubes and casing pipes.
3. It controls and regulates the production of well.
4. It ensures normal and safe borehole operations, beneficial to well killing, pressure measuring, paraffin removal and the other production management work.
5. It records and retains the information as oil pressure, casing pressure, etc.

In addition, this product and the relevant wellhead devices can be designed according to oil well conditions and the requirements of customers. What we pursue is to make you available with more perfect and efficient operating conditions.

Pressure Rating Size
2000PSI 2 1/16" 2 9/16" 3 1/8" 4 1/16" 7 1/16"
3000PSI 2 1/16" 2 9/16" 3 1/8" 4 1/16" 7 1/16"
5000PSI 2 1/16" 2 9/16" 3 1/8" 4 1/16" 7 1/16"
10000PSI 2 1/16" 2 9/16" 3 1/16" 4 1/16" 7 1/16"
15000PSI 2 1/16" 2 9/16" 3 1/16" 4 1/16" 7 1/16"

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