1. BOP (Blowout Preventer)The BOP (blowout preventer) is frequently used for well tests, well repairs, well completion and other operations. Integrating complete sealing and semi-sealing functions, it can effectively avoid well blowout accidents, and boasts the advantages as simple structure, easy operation and high-pressure resistance. It has been an indispensable safety sealing device for oil fields.
    1. Manifold

      When the blowout preventer is shut down, the choke valve is utilized for controlling the casing pressure to maintain that the pressure of well bottom is always higher than that of the ground, and thereby to prevent the formation fluid from flowing into the well.
      During the well is shut in, the choke manifold decompression can be adopted for soft shut in well. When the pressure inside the well reaches certain limit, the wellhead can be protected through the blowout via it.

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    1. Christmas Tree

      It connects all layers of subsurface casing pipes, seals the annular spaces between casing pipes and supports the partial weights of casing pipes.
      It is used for oil tube and tool hanging, tubing string supporting and annular space sealing between oil tubes and casing pipes.
      It controls and regulates the production of well.

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Well Surface Control

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Safety Drilling Control Assembly | Oil Well Repair Tool | Oil Well Control Parts