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    1. FC Gate ValveThe FC gate valve is a universal product in our daily lives. It is widely applied to wellheads, manifold production, kill manifolds, well tests and other operations. Under the working pressure of 3000, 5000, 1 0000 and 15000PSI, it can meet the working requirements of geological examination and oil exploration with a nominal diameter of 1 13/16" , 2 1/16" , 2 9/16" , 3 1/8" , 4 1/16" , 5 1/8" or 7 1/16" . As for the fabrication materials, physical, chemical and pressure tests are strictly performed according to API 6A (20th edition) specifications as required by customers.
    1. PFK Manual Gate Valve (Expanding Gate Valve)The PFK manual gate valve designed in expanding and wedge style is widely applied in various kinds of working environments. It is devised strictly according to API 6A and ISO10423 standards. The flange coupling comes in K shape and the nominal diameter ranges from 2 1/1 6″ to 4 1/1 6″. The treaded connection is also adoptable, whose nominal diameter range is same as that of the flange coupling. Besides, the pressure rating is from 3000PSI to 5000PSI.
    1. H2 Positive Choke ValveThe H2 positive choke valve realized throttling via the oil nipple. We provide the oil nipple in various specifications to cater for different requirements of customers.
    1. H2 Adjustable Choke Valve

      The H2 adjustable choke valve is commonly used by petroleum equipment for flow control. The flow is adjustable via the needle and the seat, and it will be locked once the required flow rate is reached.

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    1. Orifice Control Choke Valve Different from the H2 positive and adjustable throttles, it adopts two pieces of rotated hard alloy plates for flow regulation. The plates can be designed with open holes of different specifications upon the actual needs, so the optimal and maximal throttling diameter can be reached.
      Except the high-rigidity hard alloy plate and seat, the orifice control choke valve is also inlaid with hard alloy cover inside the outlet. Thus, the possibility of body damage caused by fluid erosion is greatly reduced, and the product life is prolonged.
  • MS Check Valve

    Metal-to-metal sealing is superior to rubber material sealing. It has stronger capability in resisting ageing, high temperature and well fluid corrosion.
    Thanks to the streamline seat, the fluid impact towards this product is reduced and thus the product life is extended.
    Lubrication or routine maintenance is not required.

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    1. Casing Head

      It supports the partial or entire weights of all casing pipes except for the conduit via the hanger.
      It connects the blowout preventer and other wellhead devices.
      Pressure sealing is formed between the internal and external casing strings.
      It provides exit for the pressure accumulated between the two layers casing pipes.

    1. Tubing HeadIt is designed for the convenience of oil tube hanging once the fixed tubing hanger is mounted.
      It seals the annular space between casing pipes.
      It is the operation window for casing pipes.
      It also provides a control channel for subsurface safety valve and offers a through passageway for the electric pump and cable.
    1. Casing HangerGenerally, the casing hanger is classified into two types, i.e. the slip type and the mandrel type. In addition, the slip type is also divided into the WD type, C-21 type, C-22 type and the C-29 type. Surely, this product can be flexibly customized according to your actual requirements and the specific working conditions.
    1. Tubing HangerThe tubing hanger, also known as mandrel hanger, is used for hanging oil tubes. Usually, it can be divided into three types, i.e. the DP type, DP-BIW type and the DP-L type. It is also customizable based on actual working conditions and the requirements of customers. The tubing hanger is available in both single-tube and dual-tube forms. Or it can be attached with a device for cable traversing and thereby for controlling the subsurface safety valve and the operation of other downhole tools.
    1. BOP (Blowout Preventer)The BOP (blowout preventer) is frequently used for well tests, well repairs, well completion and other operations. Integrating complete sealing and semi-sealing functions, it can effectively avoid well blowout accidents, and boasts the advantages as simple structure, easy operation and high-pressure resistance. It has been an indispensable safety sealing device for oil fields.
    1. Manifold

      When the blowout preventer is shut down, the choke valve is utilized for controlling the casing pressure to maintain that the pressure of well bottom is always higher than that of the ground, and thereby to prevent the formation fluid from flowing into the well.
      During the well is shut in, the choke manifold decompression can be adopted for soft shut in well. When the pressure inside the well reaches certain limit, the wellhead can be protected through the blowout via it.

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    1. Christmas Tree

      It connects all layers of subsurface casing pipes, seals the annular spaces between casing pipes and supports the partial weights of casing pipes.
      It is used for oil tube and tool hanging, tubing string supporting and annular space sealing between oil tubes and casing pipes.
      It controls and regulates the production of well.

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