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Wellhead provides professional technical advisory service.
Customers can come to our factory for investigation or study so that they can obtain sufficient information about our scale, strength, management level, culture, product variety, specification, advantage, technical characteristic, price, warranty, after-sales service, etc. If Wellhead and our products are accepted, customers can purchase our products based on actual needs.

Design Standards of API 6A Valve Material
AA: <7% , <0.05%
BB: 7%-30% , <0.05%
CC: >30% , <0.05%
DD: <7% , >0.05%
EE: 7%-30%, >0.05%

Agent Invitation
Established in Oct., 2009, Wellhead Equipment Manufacture is a subsidiary of Shanghai Pangtong Business Enterprise Dev. Co., Ltd. that is a private enterprise group integrating trade, investment and financing. With years of efforts, Pangtong diversifies the operating items, owning the brands as Wellhead, Pangbei, Pangbei Hotel Furniture, Tern-anchor, Trident, etc.